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FH Trip: Undiscovered Egypt Tour & Nile Cruise

Egypt Tour: See Alexandria, Amarna, and culminating with a three day cruise down the Nile aboard a traditional Egyptian sailing yacht. With Professor Bob Brier and Art Historian Patricia Remler.

Why Take The Egypt Tour & Nile Cruise?
• Egypt tour & Nile Cruise is led by Professor Bob Brier, a Great Courses professor
• Tour and travel through rarely-visited Middle Egypt
• Visit three UNESCO World Heritage Sites
• Private tour of Amarna by the director of excavations
• Three days cruising the Nile aboard a dahabiya, a luxurious, traditional private yacht
• Limited to 14 participants

Join Far Horizons for a 14-day tour to areas of Egypt that even savvy tourists do not see – a trip truly off the beaten path. Begin in Alexandria, founded by Alexander the Great, home to Cleopatra VII (yes, that famous queen), and where the ancients entered Egypt greeted by the Pharos Lighthouse, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. Then move south along the Nile to Middle Egypt where we see Meidum, an enormous pyramid built by Sneferu; Beni Hasan, where an important group of rock-cut tombs are carved into the high limestone cliffs; and Abydos, once theholiest site in Egypt and the burial place for the first kings of a unified Egypt.

A highlight will be spending a day with the archaeologists excavating Tell el-Amarna, the city created by Egypt’s most controversial pharaoh in honor of Aten, the sun disc god. Near Luxor we’ll board a dahabiya, a beautifully crafted wooden private yacht for a cruise along the picturesque Egypt Nile river. We will dock at our leisure to examine several remarkable sanctuaries, including the Temple of Horus, the falcon-headed god, at Edfu and the Temple of Kom Ombo, dedicated to the crocodile-god Sobek.

Enjoy this truly unique tour of Egypt with our renowned study leaders: Professor Bob Brier and art historian, Patricia Remler.

Egypt Tour & Nile Cruise Daily Itinerary:
Day 1: Depart the USA.
Day 2: Arrive Cairo.
Day 3: Alexandria.
Day 4: The Giza Pyramids. Meidum.
Day 5: Private tour of Amarna.
Day 6: Tuna El Gebel. Beni Hassan.
Day 7: Abydos. Denderah.
Day 8: Luxor.
Day 9: El Kab. Board dahabiya for three-night Nile cruise.
Day 10: Gebel al Silsila. Edfu.
Day 11: Kom Ombo.
Day 12: Arrive Aswan. Kalabsha Temple. Fly to Cairo.
Day 13: Cairo citadel. Islamic Art Museum.
Day 14: Return to USA.